Hold Luggage Exhibition
14 – 17.10.2021

Elia Gobbi + Gloria Tomasini + Juan Carlos Urrutia + Rachele Monti + Maeva Rosset
a cura di Sandro Pianetti

Sonnenstube è stata invitata a partecipare a Supermarket Indipendent Art Fair a Stoccolma. Per l’occasione è stato presentato un progetto chiamato Hold Luggage Exhibition, una esposizione trasportata all’interno di una valigia. Scelta che ha permesso di esplorare opere di piccolo formato ma saturi di caratteristiche, lavori che presentano tecniche contorte, processi di produzione elaborati o accompagnati da storie e aneddoti importanti.






Sonnenstube was invited to partecipate to Supermarket Indipendent Art Fair in Stockholm. For the occasion we presented a project called Hold Luggage Exhibition, an exhibition that fits inside a suitcase. This choice gave the opportunity to explore small format artworks with overflowing characteristics, pieces that display contorted techniques, elaborated production processes or with important stories and anechdotes attached to them.





Elia Gobbi, born in Switzerland in 1984 studied at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Torino Italy and at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. He lives and works in Locarno, Switzerland. His vision is developed around the iconography of the portrait and around the topic of travelling intended as a gateway to reach in silent landscapes that reveal the origins of the essence. The drawing present in this exhibition called il bacio highlights the technique with which Elia transforms the piece of paper into a physical object, offering a secondary read that overshadows its figurative essence.


Rachele Monti is an artist from Ticino living in Bienne. Her studies include a diploma in photography at CEPV in Vevey, a bachelor in photography and visual communication at ECAL in Lausanne and a Master degree in the dirty art department at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. Gravitating between the tangible world and the sensory experience, Rachele’s work thematises the symptomatic transformation of emotions into images. Images that are born of words. Words that inspire visions. Visions that interpret emotions. Emotions that are colour, light and sound. The technicalities of photography are challenged by the deliberate use of light, colour, layering and sound as tools to touch upon one’s sensations and memories. The artwork has a soul, a body and a voice. Its surface is a skin to explore, a gateway to unspoken desires and fears.
Rachele’s photo chosen for this exhibition (Untitled from the Longeva sutura erosiva series) binds the fragility of human skin with the solidity of rocks. The rock becomes anthropomorphic, the skin crystallizes. “In this project I am in a constant effort to open the surface and go further and deeper into the physical dimension, trying to express the manifestation of an interiority between organic and spiritual.”



Maeva Rosset was born in 1989 in Lausanne and she now lives and works in Basel and Bern, Switzerland. She studied Visual Arts at ÉCAL in Lausanne.
“The senses, in particular the sense of smell, occupy a main place in my work. It’s used as a tool of transmission, captation and manipulation. Do we smell and see at the same time? Or I see and then I smell?
We wait for smells that they reveal the presence of the objects which emit them, I wish on the contrary to deceive this basic vision of smells perception to give a more complex reflection. And because the olfaction reaches the material substance of beings and things, not in their reflection, it highlights the essence of this reality. It establishes a relation between the world and us.”
For Hold Luggage Exhibition Maeva lended a self portrait perfume, a composition made of smells that create her own olfactory identity: Shampoo, cosmetics, working clothes and sweat.


Gloria Tomasini, 1999, lives and works in Lugano. She is currently pursuing her studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan and is part of “Triste Bacio” collective Her practice oscillates between drawing, peinture and sculpture. She developed a particular style where she mixes abstract and figurative elements building incongruous and ambiguous images. Her influences recall memories and youth traumas and translate into very emotional artworks composed by hints of personal experiences and reflections about her physical and somatic characteristics.
The piece on display, drawn with obsessive precision with a ballpoint pen, is a perfect example of the above description. The shapes surrounding the eye could be parts of a human body or entities from an abstract thought. The sharp edges of the empty spaces jump in front of everything, cutting holes in the jungle of memories.


Juan Carlos Urrutia is a venezuelan artist. He studied Graphic Design, Visual Arts, Combined Languages and Intangible Cultural Heritage. His research delves into affective geography by recovering and resignifying residual matters that he presents as surveys of nature, the environment, migratory tensions and aspects of Latin American history and culture. He works in the development of community artistic projects, in the design of spaces and in the realization of sustainable furniture. He lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
His video, shown in a tablet, is called Máquinas perpetuas. Bogotá – Buenos Aires and wants to explore the hypothesis of the impossible through the idea of perpetual machines. A fictional and useless experiment that unrolls into everyday spaces, a tale of eternity narrated by a split screen loop. A dialogue that develops through a continent, from Bogotà to Buenos Aires.




Questa esposizione è parte della programmazione 2021 intitolata 40’000 km/h : fuga dalla terra sostenuta da / This exhibition is part of the 2021 program titled 40’000 km/h: escape from the earth supported by Pro Helvetia, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Città di Lugano, Repubblica e Cantone Ticino – DECS Fondo Swisslos e/and AIL.

This exhibition has been realized with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Sweden and ProHelvetia.

Foto: Sandro Pianetti